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HIRUN’s 1st Batch of Pendulum Isolators of Padma Bridge: Manufacturing and Assembling Completed


      HIRUN has successfully accomplished manufacturing and assembling of the 1st batch pendulum isolators for Padma Bridge, which marks the 1st major success after project undertaking. 2 sets of 99000kN pendulum isolators among the 1st batch are the largest double-surface pendulum isolators designed with EU codes, which fully validates the 1st class design and manufacture capabilities of HIRUN in the global sphere.

      As the largest bridge construction ongoing in the country, Bangladesh Padma Bridge is honored as the “bridge of hope” of the state and plays the role as a key project in China’s “One Band One Road” strategy in the same time. Since undertaking of pendulum isolator project of the bridge, the HIRUN management focused great emphasis, with President Mr. Tang himself as the leader of Padma project team. With the project success as the ultimate aim, HIRUN devoted great strength into examination and approval of a variety of technical documents by close cooperation with project office, designers and supervisors; meanwhile, to achieve major innovations in the manufacturing, HIRUN concentrated its technology force on solving various difficulties in manufacture and other processes, thus smoothly carrying forward the project.

      The foreign reinforce of HIRUN, with Mr. Marioni as the Vice General Manager, inspected the first batch pendulum isolators in the workshop and took a photo together. Mr. Marioni gave full approval for the design and manufacture techniques for the 1st batch and remarked that 99000kN pendulum isolator for this project is the largest among all bearing designing projects that he had participated during his over 40 years bridge seismic isolation career. He advocated that all HIRUN staff, inspired by primary success, accomplish all manufacturing, assembling and testing work for Padma Bridge.

1st Batch of Pendulum Isolators of Padma Bridge

Mr. Marioni with 99000kN Pendulum Isolator